Shipping And FAQ

Let us know how we can help! If you have a direct question, feel free to reach out on our contact page

Do you offer Free Delivery?

We offer free delivery over $45 within North Bay (15 minutes from the centre). And free delivery on orders over $200 within 30 km of North Bay.  

Where are you located?

I currently work from home. I do offer pick-up in the Graniteville subdivision in North Bay. 

Balloons are bad for the environment!!!

Head over to our About Us page because we use 100% biodegradable latex and reuse foils 🙂 

How late can I order?

Unless we have a major event (which we will change the timings for delivery) you can order and get it delivered same day! 

How long do they last?

Air-filled designs (anything non-helium) can last several weeks! Feel free to reuse them, pass them along or return them and I can find a suitable charity to donate them to 🙂 

Helium balloons last at least 24 hours and depending on several factors (seal, gel, weather, temperament) I’ve seen balloons last 2 weeks. 

This is a rough estimate. Our delivery calculator is $1/km based on your location.

Delivery Cost to Callendar/Corbeil?

Less than 20 minutes away – $25 Delivery Fee 

Delivery Cost to Powassan/Astroville/Sturgeon Falls?

30 – 40 min away – $45 Delivery Fee 

Delivery Cost to Mattawa/Warren/Sundridge?

Please send us a message and we can see if we can make something work. If we have other events in the area, we can add them to our route. But usually, for those distances, we recommend picking up or looking into Northland delivery (we can help you with that) or hosting at a closer location. 

How about birthday parties?

Birthday party driving fees are charged differently – please complete the form on the service page to get started!