About Tickled Teals

Hi! I'm Tealia! But you can call me Teals

I started as an entertainment company providing balloon twisting and face painting for birthday parties, corporate events and festivals in 2015 and began expanding into the decor in 2018.

I began adding balloon gifts in 2019 and when the pandemic hit, I was forced to cancel our 2020 season and turn the attention to balloon gifts. Tickled Teals is a member of The North Bay Chamber of Commerce, Clowns Canada, PEBA (see below) and Qualatex Balloon Network.

Balloons are one of the few things in this world everyone enjoys. Environmentally friendly, colourful, exciting (it can pop any second!) and magical (how does she do that??). I just want everyone to enjoy that and be tickled with excitement.

– teals

Our Environmental Commitment

We are passionate about the environment. We use 100% biodegradable balloons (visit our Instagram page pinned post for the video!),  our foils can be deflated and reused and broken ones are repurposed into sand weights.

We encourage air-filled bouquets however, the helium used by the balloon industry is a lower quality grade and sold to the entertainment industry to offset the cost of the higher grade helium used in the medical field!

We are also a Member of PEBA, a group founded in Australia whose mission is to ‘drive environmentally responsible change within the balloon industry’.

Lastly, we do not sell balloons with the intention of releasing (so don’t ask) and encourage proper disposal of popped balloons.

Meet the Team!

Tealia - Owner / Operator

Balloon Decorator, Face Painter, Balloon Artist, and everything else!

Rob - Inflator and Delivery

Although he may regret it now (balloons have taken over my life), he actually was the one that initially started me down the road of balloons! He is always there to drop off a balloon or help inflate a large decor job.

Echo - The Mascot

Enjoys joining Tealia at festivals, watching us build and inflate balloons and is always ready to show off her tricks!